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About the Effective Blood Pressure Log

The picture of your blood pressure is critical to living a healthy life. And this logbook is created to give you and your doctor the best view possible.
Every two pages side by side shows your recordings for one month. On the left page, you can read the morning ones in a table of 31 rows. Thus, you can have a month’s picture by observing along with a column’s values at once. Correspondingly, on the right page, you can see your evening recordings.
You have the space for writing down the values of your pressure and pulse of two measurements and their times on each page. Plus, notes. The latter, if you show some diligence and this log assists you in managing it, helps you discover what affects your pressure.
Moreover, and it is even more indicative of your picture, you can have a monthly blood pressure chart. Above the tables of your recordings on both pages, there are two matrices, each consisting of 31 columns, the days, and 21 rows, the pressure’s values. In these matrices, one for the morning and the other for the evening measurements, you can mark the systolic and diastolic values of your pressure for each day. What could be more useful to see and to show your “big picture”?
And, of course, the years that this logbook can cover. Five. In 120 pages, 2 for each month, you can track a pretty long time and have together all your measurements in a very comparable and comprehensive way. You will love it! You and your doctor!
Last but not least, we added instructions of use, a program for the proper measurements, and some pretty important info.
We created this logbook with laborious and sincere care. We specialize in the analysis and design of information systems, so this is quite a particular product. We hope that it will satisfy you and benefit you most to a better blood pressure control and eventually to a healthier and longer life!

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