Always bring your BP monitor to your DR.

Don’t get bored or embarrassed with that. Our BP control it’s not a fun game, and we have to be pretty diligent.
We have to measure our BP with both monitors, ours and DR’s, at the same setting to check if there are any differences in the readings.
If they do exist, there are mainly two reasons for this:
A. One of the two monitors needs calibration, repair, or even replacement, most probably ours, but someone never knows. To be sure, we have to check it in the maintenance center.
B. We get stressed from the presence of the medical provider, something has been named “white coat syndrome”.
If our monitor shows higher BP values, most probably there is a problem with monitors. But if the Doctor’s monitor shows higher ones, any one of the two reasons can be the cause, even both.
We have to be careful. A good BP control can give us even three years more extended life. And remember, nobody can take care of us better than ourselves. And sometimes, even doctors make mistakes.

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