Labile Hypertension

Hello,Suppose our pressure is normal. 110/70, 100/70, 90/60, things like that. And suddenly it goes up to 130/90, 140/100, 150/110 maybe. And it stays there for over two days (of course, we have to compare… Read More »Labile Hypertension

Narrow Pulse Pressure

Hello,Suppose we have 110/100 blood pressure. We do not have hypertension, right? Unfortunately, no. We have probably had heart failure.The pulse pressure, i.e., the difference between systolic (top) and diastolic (bottom), should be about 40.… Read More »Narrow Pulse Pressure

Wide Pulse Pressure

Hello,We are starting a series of posts for blood pressure patterns to facilitate the perception of those interested in their blood pressure (or the BP of people they love and care about).Today we show the… Read More »Wide Pulse Pressure