Does overpopulation affect blood pressure?

And more specifically, does high population density affect blood pressure?
In a dissertation of James Robert Hammock, Portland State University, in 1971, with the title “Behavioral changes due to overpopulation in mice” (URL:, we can read:
“Previous research has found (Calhoun,1962) that if a population (of mice) were allowed to exceed a comfortable density level, then many catastrophic events occurred such as increased mortality among the young, cannibalism, homosexuality, and lack of maternal functions”.
Could we conclude the same for the human race? Many critiques have arisen on the subject, most of them invoking our versatility as a species.
Although we are not mice, I am not 100% convinced that the high population density is so innocent for our health, both physical and mental.
I have tried to find info for the correlation between density and BP, but I have not been satisfied with my findings. My hypothesis is that they correlate positively. But it is only a hypothesis. Still, I have assumed useful to mention that research.
Perhaps in the future, you will help me to check my hypothesis.
Have a nice day!

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