Effects of sleep deprivation in healthy young adults

We know that insufficient sleep is associated with increased cardiovascular risk. A new study, originally published on July 12, gives some evidence on how that happens.
Twenty healthy young adults, aged 18 to 28 years, 9 of whom females, participated in a 16-day inpatient study. Some of them had 4 hours night sleep and the rest 9.
The study revealed that the average blood pressure increased by 8 mm Hg during waking and by 11.3 mm Hg during sleep only in women!
As the study refers “BP increases are especially striking and sustained in women, possibly suggesting lack of adaptation to sleep loss and thus greater vulnerability to its adverse cardiovascular effects.”
Interesting, eh? How good is it to have women in night shifts?
I would like to know more things. Only the duration of sleep affects BP, or what time it starts also? And more, if someone always sleeps from 4 am to 12 pm, what change, if any, will they observe in their BP?
Another question: does high BP conduce to insomnia? In other words, could BP affects sleep also? Cause and effect. Which is the cause, and which is the effect? We should always be pretty cautious about this.
Well, it’s quite early, but I hope you will help answer these questions a day. Of course, you should use our effective blood pressure log. With time, you will see how valuable it is. To live even longer, even better!

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