Is it better to keep my blood pressure measurements in a paper log?

I am an analyst and designer of information systems. For 30 years, I preferred digital means for storing and retrieving data. Still, in this case, I picked the paper solution.
Why so? Because I believe that it is easier to conceive the whole picture of the blood pressure condition by considering the raw data as they seem on a paper page.
Yes, an app can automatically estimate many parameters and produce diagrams instantly. But think of it, even the way you write something on paper has its meaning. Are the letters big or small? How loose? Thick? Well shaped?
And what about the freedom that gives you the paper to express yourself? The marks that are unique to you and only you can understand. All these, and many more, can give you an unparallel view.
I could write more, but I think you understand what I mean. In the end, that’s why next to my computer screen on my desk, you can see my paper calendar!

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