Keeping notes is irreplaceable!

It costs to take notes. Time. That’s why you pay attention to what you hold. You note things that have value, the ones that you should not forget. And already, by recording them, you store them more efficiently in your memory. And this helps you to draw better conclusions, to make better decisions.
The above also applies to your health. Here the notes have to do with what is most valuable to you. Especially the notes for your blood pressure will help you to control it better.
No doctor and no scientific book can replace you. They know the average physiology, the generality. But you have peculiarities. Things that are beneficial to others can be harmful to you. And vice versa.
What did you eat yesterday? Did you take aspirin? When did you start a drug? When did you have intense stress? Insomnia? Make notes of them.
In the Effective Blood Pressure Diary, we have provided space to take notes per day. Could you do it? It will give you life!

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