Labile Hypertension

Suppose our pressure is normal. 110/70, 100/70, 90/60, things like that. And suddenly it goes up to 130/90, 140/100, 150/110 maybe. And it stays there for over two days (of course, we have to compare similar things, “proper” morning or afternoon measurements in the same conditions and hours). Most likely, then we have “Labile Hypertension,” and we should consult our doctor.
If the above phenomenon occurs regularly, it can become more dangerous than if we had hypertension.
Labile Hypertension is mainly caused by stress. In addition, it can be caused by salt, caffeine, smoking, or other related factors. We can probably spot them and eliminate them if we monitor our pressure diligently. Are we watching it? Or will we start after the first stroke?

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