The first to help you is yourself

Like everybody else, I want to live long and to live healthily. Although I try, not always successfully, to follow the recommendations of health scientists, I want more. I want to understand the mechanisms of life and to control them.
In this context, I read biology. And anatomy and physiology. And pathology. From strictly academic books. Moreover, I study myself. And I do it because nobody knows me better.
My blood pressure is normal. Still, at least every morning, I measure it 15 minutes after waking up, using the toilet, and before any other action. And no, I do not do this because I want to prevent hypertension. At least, not the main reason. Mainly I want to find the correlations of my doings with my blood pressure levels (needless to say that this desire made me create the effective blood pressure log!).
How does my sexual life correlate with my BP? My sleep duration? My sleep quality? The time I go to bed? My weight? The day of the week? The month and the season? My mood? The night dinner? My diet? Some drug? Tenths if not hundreds, even thousands of factors!
Blood pressure is quite a strange attribute. It is cause and effect. It can cause heart attack, heart failure, stroke, etc., even blindness if it is pretty high. And high BP can be the effect of kidney disease, diabetes, hormone problems, etc. So, if you have high BP, is this a risk factor or a symptom of a health problem? For sure, your physician can help you with that. But wouldn’t it be helpful to give them a thorough picture? Wouldn’t it be beneficial to see that you usually have elevated BP every 28 days?
Obviously, if you develop high blood pressure, an accurate history would be very worthy. But, if you do not, how sure are you that the fluctuations in your BP in the levels of “normal” are of no importance? If your BP was usually 100 and suddenly climbed to 120, what would it mean? Wouldn’t it be valuable to have the history of day-by-day measurements plus notes?
If you have observed that every Monday, your BP goes to 120 although the other days is 100, and you have found that romance movies watching before sleep lower BP by 10mm, shouldn’t you watch one every Sunday evening?
Which would be your life expectancy if at your 100 have a BP of 100? What if you would learn to control your BP?
Many unanswered questions, but that’s why this blog exists: to give answers for longer and healthier life, emphasizing BP monitoring. But you by yourself have to monitor your BP. The effective blood pressure log can be a helpful tool to find your own answers. The first to help you is yourself.

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