What blood pressure did Woodstock attendees have?

Well, we will never know. And it does not matter. They did not have many or good home sphygmomanometers then. But today, we have. Wouldn’t it be worth answering some questions?
What BP did you have before the lockdowns for the coronavirus? During that? After? Now?
If you were vaccinated against Covid 19, what BP did you have before you did it? After you did the first one? After the second? Now?
If you recovered from Covid-19, what was your BP before? During the illness? After? Now?
I keep hearing about symptoms, but most of them are not measurable. But the pressure is. And it can offer unparalleled information, firstly to you. Then, to all of us to know the effects of different cases.
Quantifying phenomena promotes knowledge and can save lives. On the contrary, the reference to sensations (headache, weakness, etc.) can create illusions and social panic.
Unfortunately, health professionals do not recommend blood pressure measuring to everyone but mainly focus on hypertension patients. They overlook the fact that blood pressure makes it possible to predict impending bad. They pay more attention to what damage it causes. It’s sad.
But you have to start measuring your BP. And to record it; otherwise, you forget or do not form a correct view. So, what BP did you have before your vacations? During those? After? Now?

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