Wide Pulse Pressure

We are starting a series of posts for blood pressure patterns to facilitate the perception of those interested in their blood pressure (or the BP of people they love and care about).
Today we show the “Wide Pulse Pressure.” Pulse Pressure is the difference between Systolic Blood Pressure (“top”) and Diastolic Pressure.
It is normally around 40 mmHg. As we get older, this difference widens mainly because our arteries stiffen. Know that Pulse Pressure has a better predictive value than other pressure measurements ​​, and it is necessary to pay attention to it. In fact, if it exceeds 100, we probably have a lot of damage to our organs, and we are close to a heart attack or stroke.
Of course, we can prevent all this… if we measure now and then, we record and “study” our blood pressure, and we do not keep it a secret from our doctor!

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